Reading abroad

Jul 07, 2019 by Kate Gale

The Diving Pool, Yoko Ogawa

I’ve read The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa which was a rich journey of the imagination, impossible to put down like sifting through leaves.  These three novellas are equally well written, but for a reader who likes a little more sadness than I do.  I love her writing, but these novellas kept twisting the knife.  They’re disturbing and yet elegant.  Reading them here in the Irish rain was like entering a thicket of darkness.

Song backward

May 07, 2019 by Kate Gale
Just watched The Sound of my Voice which I loved and I also love The OA, which ripples an timbres along the wrist and the pulse,, a flicker of song backwards.  We all need.  That’s a sentence.  We need story.

The Cabin, Our World

Apr 28, 2019 by Kate Gale

After birthday party and friends

poetry and music  flowers

Travel through time

Mar 27, 2019 by Kate Gale
You travel to London and then New York.  You do all these meetings and you also meet with friends and you also sleep and miss the dog and miss your family and the press and the goings on in California which are so numerous.  There’s a confusing cluster of work that makes you wonder about the point of it all. What is the point of it all? Other art forms are simpler, you think.