Kate Gale

Writer, Editor, Maker

The Loneliest Girl

The Loneliest Girl
Mary Burritt Christiansen Poetry Series
By Kate Gale
Published by University of New Mexico Press
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Who was more alone than Medusa? Raped in Athena's temple, transformed into a monster, and banished into a cave, Medusa may be the ultimate example of victim blaming. In The Loneliest Girl, Kate Gale creates a powerful alternative narrative for Medusa and for all women who have carried guilt and shame--for being a woman, for not being enough, for being a victim. She offers a narrative in which women are the makers of the world--in which women find their way out from the cave of the Cisthene and into a world where they determine their own destiny.

Paperback | 88 pages | 9780826363695 | February 15, 2022