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The Loneliest Girl
SKU: 9780826363695

Who was more alone than Medusa? Raped in Athena's temple, transformed into a monster, and banished into a cave, Medusa may be the ultimate example of victim blaming. In The Loneliest Girl, Kate Gale creates a powerful alternative narrative for Medusa and for all women who have carried guilt and shame--for being a woman, for not being enough, for being a victim.
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Echo Light

Poetry. "The poems in Kate Gale's ECHO LIGHT do what poems should do—they give wings to darkness, shadows and bruises. We find ourselves lost in cornfields and then saved in a desert, a city, unsuspected places. Gale crafts poems that are 'curiously powerful' and offer us 'salvation from boredom.' The stories, the speakers weave myths of intoxication and sensuality, reminding us of 'words you aren't saying.' They roam from earth and snow to sun, stars and sky. ECHO LIGHT 'has invented the world' of poetry that we yearn for—a world full of imagination, music and flight."—Lory Bedikian
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The Goldilocks Zone
SKU: 9780826354327

"Welcome to Kate Gale's world. There are glass houses, a glass orchestra, sex on the roof. . . . Kate Gale knows her Bible and plays whatever music she wants on that musical instrument--but her música is always fresh, and it achieves wisdom."--Ilya Kaminsky, author of Dancing in Odessa
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Río de Sangre
SKU: 9781597097468

Río De Sangre tells the story, in Spanish, of the overthrow of a dictatorship in a fictional South American country. In the aftermath of a coup d’état, the new leader of a Latin American republic embarks on an idealistic course for his nascent government. Faced with numerous problems and no one to trust, our protagonist Delacruz realizes that the good of the country and the protection of his own family may be more than he can achieve.
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Mating Season
SKU: 9781932195170

Kate Gale's work reverberates with a conscious passion. For her, language is a way of conveying the raw anguish that is underneath the surface of all living, the violence that occurs behind closed doors, the way human beings claw for survival. These poems hardly float on an ocean, they are down there in the ocean's depths where big fish wait for smaller ones and where life was born.
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